Enkatini e Olong’ojine o Enkitejo | The Story of the Hyena and the Hare

Hyena and Hare

There had been a time, long ago, when Olong’ojine (the hyena) and Enkitejo (the hare) were close friends. They could be found together on nearly every occasion without even the slightest dispute between them. But then, hard times fell upon the land, a drought that seemed to have no end, and Enkitejo began to fear that once Olong’ojine ran out of food, he make look to his small friend for an easy meal.

This troubled Enkitejo greatly for many days, until he concluded that his only option was to act first. So he began to scheme, Enkitejo being much more cunning than Olong’ojine, he knew he’d have no problem fooling his friend.

With his plan secured, Enkitejo made off to search for Olong’ojine, finding him frantically digging in search of water. “Hello my friend, “ Enkitejo began, “these have been very hard times for us, but I think I know of a way that we may both have plenty of food to get us through until the rain returns.” Olong’ojine, overwhelmed with hunger was on the hook and listened intently. “Do you see all those white patches,” Enkitejo pointing at the white fluffy clouds that filled the sky, “do you know what they are?” Olong’ojine’s face clearly showing he did not. “Those are large pieces of fat, like those of the cow or goat; if you fetch them down we will be able to have a great feast!”

“But they are so far away,” Olong’ojine inquired, “how will I reach them?”

“I have already spoken with Olkilil (the hawk),” Enkitejo responded, “and he has agreed to take you to them.”

Certain that his friend spoke true, Olong’ojine, secure within Olkilil’s grasp, took off for the clouds. “Olkilil, you may release me!” Olong’ojine shouted once they were above a large cloud, believing it to be solid. As it wasn’t in fact a large piece of fat, Olong’ojine instead fell through the white mass, and back to earth, breaking his legs, and since that day all Ilng’ojiniaa (hyenas) have walked with a limp.  


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