Inkopa Olmaasai | Documenting the History of the Maasai


Inkopa Olmaasai is an ambitious attempt to document the lives, culture and history of the Maasai – a warrior tribe of nomadic shepherds occupying a region in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania – a culture on the verge of extinction, in its traditional and pure form. This project will involve extensive travel and exploration through the 15 divisions, or sub-cultures, of the Maasai that formed nearly 500 years ago as they spread throughout the Great Rift Valley, producing a first of its kind comprehensive account of their culture.

This page is window into the world I’m exploring, a portal where people can learn more about the work I’m doing and the stories I’m collecting. Through this portal you can track my progress, ask questions and leave comments, please,  and be a part of the story that will one day be, Inkopa Olmaasai. The stories will evolve as I continue to collect information and new pieces to the puzzle become available, so be sure to check back often. Just click any of the links below and enjoy the stories. Remember though, these are still unfinished.

Animal Folktales:

Enkatini e Oltome o Enkitejo  |  The Story of the Elephant and the Hare

Enkatini e Esidai o Olng’atuny Lepong’  |  The Story of the Ostrich and the Lioness

Enkatini e Olong’ojine o Enkitejo  |  The Story of the Hyena and the Hare  –  7.28.2013

Tribal History:

Enkatini e Olmaasai o Isampur  |  The Story of the Maasai and the Samburu  – 7.28.2013


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